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12/29/09 11:25 AM #423    


Carmen Landes (Johnson)

Sending my prayers to the Grinslade family. Rob's dad passed away Christmas Eve. Thankful there is no more suffering, but still is hard at this time of the year.

01/22/10 12:14 PM #424    


Carmen Landes (Johnson)

Has anyone seen Gibby? I have lost touch with her and want to find her again. If someone can point me in her direction I would appreciate it.

02/26/10 04:29 PM #425    


Jeni Smith


03/12/10 07:29 AM #426    

Chad York

Happy "early" Birthday Tony!

03/24/10 11:26 AM #427    


Carmen Landes (Johnson)

Sending prayers to Gretchen Engel and her family. So sorry to hear about your grandma.

07/08/10 04:50 PM #428    

Andrea Terrell (Kaufman)

Hi Everyone!  It's been quiet on here lately, buuuut, I have seen recent pics of previous classes' Reunions and I am getting excited for ours next year! If everyone comes that says they are, even though we still want more to commit, we will have a nice turn-out! 


Let's keep rallying to get others on-board to attend! 




09/03/10 10:54 AM #429    


Gwenda Bemis (Kelty)

I'm with Andrea! Let's get excited about our 20 year reunion! WooHoo! I don't feel almost 40, do you?! LOL I haven't been on here at all really this past year thanks to all of the turmoil & disorganization in my life- but I am now able to finally settle a little bit and hope to get back to being involved! Hope to hear more from everyone soon!

09/04/10 12:06 PM #430    

Tony Jordan

How is everybody doing out there? Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

09/16/10 08:44 AM #431    


Carmen Landes (Johnson)

Can't wait to see everyone at the Football Game!

09/22/10 09:39 AM #432    


Gwenda Bemis (Kelty)

Our class reunion is next summer! We are looking at holding it at the Holiday Inn in the month of July. The date is not yet confirmed but we will have that soon. We have 77 people who have noted on this site they plan to attend the reunion. I assume and hope many of you will be bringing a spouse/guest along! Jeni, can we set up a way to count those planning to do so? That way we can have a more accurate count of proposed number attending reunion? Maybe you can send a memo asking everyone to update their status and add this somehow? Once we have more information and get some more arrangements made, we can set ticket prices!

09/22/10 06:51 PM #433    


Lisa Cardinal (Lang)

Well hopefully everyone has received the email by now with the reunion information!! I'm glad we finally got a day set and a place booked!! Looking forward to seeing who all plan on attending.  Don't forget to click on "Reunion Registration" and register for the reunion if you plan on attending!!  It includes information on where you can mail payments to me.  Also - don't forget you can make payments.  You don't have to pay all at once - as long as we are paid in full by June!

Hope to hear everyones thoughts! Can't wait until next July! :)

09/22/10 07:09 PM #434    


Lisa Cardinal (Lang)

Yay!! We already have 8 people registered for the reunion!! ;-)

09/22/10 07:30 PM #435    


Gwenda Bemis (Kelty)

I'm very excited about this! It's going to be a great one! We have some "totally awesome" ideas!! It's a good thing we started early! Now to keep the ball rolling everyone remind those you keep in touch with so we can be sure and have a terrific turnout.  I'd like to start collecting some pictures for a slideshow. Anyone want to volunteer to put one together? If not, I'd be glad to work on it but someone out there maybe a technological guru who would like to show those skills.... ;) 


09/22/10 07:31 PM #436    


Gwenda Bemis (Kelty)

Was this SERIOUSLY my senior pic in the yearbook?!!! omg! I want a refund....

09/22/10 07:44 PM #437    


Lisa Cardinal (Lang)

I think Jeni said she could put a powerpoint presentation together with photos and stuff.  Of course we may check with her before nominating her but I do believe she is good at this kind of thing! :)

09/23/10 06:26 PM #438    


Jeni Smith

I can definitely put a presentation together. I can put pictures and video in it. It would be easier on me if everything that comes to me is in video and in jpeg & mpeg form ;)  I am so stoked about all of this !!!!

09/24/10 09:16 AM #439    


Lisa Cardinal (Lang)

Hey Jeni!! Where's your photo at on this forum page?????  LOL

09/24/10 11:53 PM #440    


Jeni Smith

you can choose to add or keep it off ;0) I have a hard enough time looking at that hideous picture on my profile let alone everytime I post a msg. lol We should hunt down the man who took our senior pics and have him arrested for bad photography. I'm sure several people will agree.  hee hee

09/27/10 11:21 AM #441    


Stephen Jeffries

What he didnt tell us when he took our pictures was he used to have a job taking them for the BMV, with a side job taking them at the jail.....

10/01/10 04:57 PM #442    


Lisa Cardinal (Lang)

Hey all - lets get this message board rolling again!  It's entirely to quiet.  Also - everyone take a look at the "missing classmates" link at the left.  If you see anyone listed on there you know how to contact, then let them know about this website!!  There are still a lot of classmates out there who aren't signed up yet!!! :)

12/23/10 06:45 AM #443    


Candi Weir (Stewart)

Everyone have a wonderful & safe Christmas holiday!!!!!!  

06/03/11 10:35 AM #444    


Nikki Auterson (Burch)

Does anyone ever check this message board? 

06/13/11 04:07 PM #445    


Gwenda Bemis (Kelty)

I don't think so, Nikki! lol I am super excited about seeing everyone at the reunion! 

06/17/11 05:44 PM #446    


Jeni Smith

07/17/11 12:06 PM #447    


Jeni Smith

Well I think we have an awesome night!!!! Thank you so much everyone for you help, participation and your thankfulness for the evening.  It was all so very worth it ;)

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